The Rent VS. Buy Dilemma

Most people who rent can actually afford to buy their own homes. So what’s stopping them?

A lot of people believe that owning a home requires a big downpayment...which is difficult to save while paying all their regular monthly bills.  Others are convinced they wouldn’t qualify for a mortgage, and that the payment would be too much anyway.

Additionally, just about everyone is overwhelmed by the process of buying a home. It seems life would stay a whole lot easier to just keep paying rent! Use the Rent vs Own calculator in the Real Estate Assistant software to determine whehter or not it is in your best interest to buy at this time. Learn the ins and outs of the homebuying process at your own pace, while you're at it. Get your free copy of the Real Estate Assistant today!

Here are a few facts that may change your mind:

FACT:  Right now, there are over 550 different types of home loans, some with surprisingly low or even ZERO Down Payment.

FACT:  There are special government programs that help first-time homebuyers come up with a downpayment.

FACT:  The average mortgage payment costs about the same as, sometimes less than, the average rent payment. For example, if you are paying $850 per month in rent, you could be making mortgage payments on your own $110,000 home. That would probably buy you a lot more space (and privacy!), than you’ve got right now.

FACT:  77% of renters surveyed said the biggest reason they won’t even check into the possibility of owning their own home is because they are afraid they will feel obligated to buy, or pressured by salespeople. Note: One way to stay in control while working with real estate salespeople is to get pre-approved.

How Do I Figure How Much Home I Can Qualify For?

An easy and accurate way to figure how much you can qualify for is to get pre-approved for a loan, even before you begin looking at homes!

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