How To Save $6,000 Or More When Selling Your Home

When It's Time To Sell Your Home, You Want To Get As Much Money As Possible, As Quickly As Possible. This Special Report Will Tell You How To Do Both!

For many people, selling a home entails a mixture of sadness, fear, relief, and excitement. You may have all kinds of mixed emotions. You have very personal, very deep feelings about the value of your home. You know how much you've put into the care and upkeep, decorating and improvement of the property. It's only natural that you want prospective buyers to agree with you.

Whether you decide to sell your home yourself, or hire a real estate professional to get the job done for you, there is not room for guesswork today.

The "old fashioned" ways of selling a home that worked back in the 70's and 80's can stall out… or worse… rob you of profits that are rightfully yours. Getting the highest price for your home today involves a thorough knowledge of the market, so you must negotiate carefully in your favor. The "right" knowledge is absolutely essential.

Following Are Costly Mistakes Many Sellers Make That Can Add Up To Thousands Of Dollars Being Lost Unknowingly When You Sell Your Home… Or Cause It To Not Sell At All

  • Not obtaining a "total picture" of the entire market before you start to sell.
  • Not getting accurate information about how long it will actually take to get your home sold.
  • Not understanding the huge difference between "Total Market Inventory" and your local neighborhood and particular style of home.
  • Using a standard comparative market analysis of similar style properties to set the sale price of your home.
  • Paying for ineffective advertising.
  • Not knowing the simple steps of how to prepare your home to look (and feel) like a "model home" so that it has the highest probability of attracting immediate interest (and top dollar) from buyers.
  • Not insisting that interviewing agents verify their pricing recommendations for your home.
  • Letting a real estate company "buy your listing" with a temporarily inflated sales price.
  • Not fully evaluating whether you should sell your home yourself! (It might be to your advantage to sell your home yourself.) Your free Real Estate Assistant software will help you weight the pros and cons of each approach. Get yours today!

You Have A Right To Hear The Facts

When it comes to selling your home, you should be the one who decides what is in your best interest:

  1. Whether you should sell your home yourself.
  2. Whether to hire a real estate professional to handle the sale for you at a cost of 6% to 7% commission.
  3. Whether to hire a consultant to put your home on the Multiple Listing Service and give you advice for a reduced flat fee..

Gone are the easy money days of the 70's and 80's when anybody could buy and sell a house by just listing it on the market. Selling any home today involves greater focus, more financial precision and marketing smarts because buyers are much more discriminating about what they buy.

Getting The Highest Price For Your Home Today Involves A Systematic Approach

Today's buyers have a tremendous number of homes from which they can choose. Even if you don't have to sell, you're forced to compete with other sellers who do have to sell, and are willing to cut their price to get a sale.

When buyers are as nervous as they are these days about the economy, every buyer counts! There is a systematic, eight-step system that gets results!

There are eight financial and marketing steps in the home selling process that you should thoroughly understand... whether you decide to sell your home yourself or hire a real estate professional to do it for you. This eight-step system is what's needed today to get your home sold for the highest price... on time... without hype or hassle!

The 8 Critical Steps Of Effective Home Marketing:

  1. Understanding "Total Market" conditions (not just your immediate neighborhood).
  2. Accurately appraising your home's value (not just an old Comparative Market Analysis).
  3. Setting the right price for your home (by setting the right price range first).
  4. Calculating your bottom-line net profit (using offer price, not list price).
  5. Advertising and marketing your home (not with same old, boring ads everyone else uses).
  6. Preparing your home for sale. (Knowing how to make buyers instantly attracted. )
  7. Qualifying buyers and negotiating contract offers (to get your price).
  8. Getting financing and closing your sale. (Avoid costly mistakes that can derail your sale.)

By systematically executing these steps, you will get better results. When you decide to sell your home yourself or hire a real estate agent, you should definitely expect detailed information and straight answers, not "sales talk" or hype that persuades you to chose a company or agent who simply says they're the biggest, or the best, or whatever, to get your business.

Your home is one of your biggest financial and emotional investments. You should not expect to leave any element to guesswork or chance.

Selling Your Home Systematically Makes A Big Difference For Your Peace Of Mind

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The Old Fashioned Ways Of Selling Homes Just Don't Work Today!

You don't need to hear a sales talk or a "Why We're So Great" story. What you need is, "What Will Work, NOW!" You need precise ways of using today's conditions to get your house sold… at the highest price the market will pay.

They will show you how to apply these eight steps yourself, in the marketing of your own home!

As is the case in many instances, you may want them to complete the eight steps for you. However, THAT WILL BE YOUR DECISION. What I promise you is this: They will show you a plan that will make more sense to you than anything you'll see from anyone else about how to get your house sold for the highest price.

The Last Thing Most "Traditional" Real Estate Companies Want You To Think About Is Selling Your Home Yourself.

The truth is, sometimes it's very appropriate to do so!

Whether any, or all, of this makes sense, you will probably have some questions. Maybe lots of them. That's good! If I have stimulated you to think about this, then I have done my job. Now, it's time to do yours!

Please give us call at 832.476.3498 x709 while this is fresh on your mind and you're feeling excited about the possibilities. Even if your are skeptical (which is only natural), a free phone call can't hurt. The worst you will do is spend a few minutes learning.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best.


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