Would You Like to Know a Simple Way to Pay Off Any Size Mortgage in 10 Years or Less?

Allegro Lending Source is pleased to offer its Mortgage Terminator plan  This program is designed to help any homeowner pay off their mortgage principal entirely in 10 years or less. 

Most people don’t realize it but, over the lifetime of a mortgage, every homeowner is paying literally tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. 

The Mortgage Terminator Program teaches you how to pay off your mortgage 7-20 years sooner than normal and save $70-150,000 or more in interest charges.  The method is simple and easy... any homeowner can do it if they make it one of their goals!

The Mortgage Terminator Program is a customized mortgage payment system that is specifically prepared for your own particular mortgage.  The program has been designed to show you the benefits that applying accellerated payments to reduce the principal balance of your loan will create for you, and to provide a simple yet detailed record-keeping system which will document your progress and assure that your mortgage lender is correctly calculating your principal payment.

The major benefits of the Mortgage Terminator Program are...

  • It reduces your total interest cost, saving you potentially tens (and even into the hundreds) of thousands of dollars.

  • It builds equity in your home faster

  • You will become debt free sooner - because you're paying off your mortgage so much quicker.

  • Our Mortgage Terminator Program payment schedule will provide you with a complete accounting - record keeping system which will track your progress, verify your mortgage lender is calculating your principal reduction accurately and provide you with the necessary documentation to detect and resolve lender errors should they occur.

  • You have complete control over determining how many extra principal payments you wish to make, how much, and when.

Build Equity For Retirement OR To Move Up To That New Home In Three - Five Years!

If you have a strong desire to take control of your financial future, become Debt Free, build your Net Worth and establish your Financial Independence, the Mortgage Terminator Program is a systematic, objective oriented tool that will enable you to achieve those goals.

Are You Contemplating Purchasing And Would Like To Know How The Mortgage Terminator Program Works? 

This information, unfortunately, is not something that most banks inform you of for obvious reasons.  Consider this... most first-time buyers don't plan on purchasing the 'home of their dreams' the first time around.  Many consider their first house or condominium to be a stepping stone to the next larger property.  The dilemma is this... how can you build equity quickly over the typical 3-5 years that the first-home buyer owns that property?

The answer is two-fold.  First... hopefully but not guaranteed, there will be some appreciation in the overall real estate market in that 3-5 years. Secondly, you can build equity by paying down the mortgage. However, most home owners get caught up in the 'present' and aren't able to save that $5,000 - $10,000 that they would like to put down to reduce the mortgage principal each year.

The Mortgage Terminator Program is the answer! To learn exactly how you can start immediately to painlessly build equity in first home, sign up for a personal Free Buyer Consultation.  It takes about 20 minutes of your time, but you will learn a lot about the home buying process as it relates specifically to you!

For invaluable information on the homebuying process, get your free copy of Allegro Lending Source's bbb Real Estate Assistant Software today!

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