Concierge services

Fitness and Lifestyle Program

*Boxing: Boxing works every part of the body and increases stamina, heart fitness, and mental focus. It also improves agility, confidence, and coordination.

*Self-Defense: Self-defense methods, such as Krav Maga, judo, and Tai-Chi, not only serve as a protection, but the different martial arts techniques are also a powerful, effective form of aerobic exercise.

*Personal Training:  One-on-one personal training responds to individual needs and establishes personal fitness, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle goals. Working with an expert trainer can increase the success rate of achieving these goals.

*Yoga: Yoga enhances strength, flexibility, muscle tone, balance and concentration.

*Pilates: Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen,    and balance the body. Combining specific exercise with focused breathing patterns, Pilates is beneficial for fitness, sports training, and physical rehabilitation. 

 *Nutritionist: Our nutritionist will assess and make recommendations on how to improve your diet and well being. Learn the most effective ways to achieve your fitness, weight loss or personal health goals. can receive one-on-one nutritional and fitness counseling.  The Day Spa-at your door team can also create a custom monthly program on various topics related to improving health and wellness through one hour group discussions and lectures.

*Lifestyle Inspirational Coach: Our Lifestyle Coach can assess and make recommendations on a more personal level that will allow and begin a plan of action for heading toward a more positive you.

*Personal Chef: Our personal chefs will assess and make recommendations that range from offerings of an elegant romantic dinner for two to explaining how to improve your and your families diet and well being . Learn the most effective ways to achieve your personal health goals.  Also have a range of specialty chefs from specific ethnicity foods to eating GREEN food plans.

Limo and Valet Program

*Limo and valet services: Our limo team offers punctual, courteous, reliable and exceptional service.   Whether you have a romantic evening planned for dinner, event and finish with a spa get away at your own venue or hosting a large party at your home and want no worries of how your guests are treated upon arrival to your event...we have a team for your needs.

(832) 297-0867 

· We custom quote each event and service to fit your needs.

· Each event and service is especially designed for you.

· We can work with your desired needs to have a memorable, unique event and experience.

· We create the "Spa Atmosphere" in your venue of choice

Note that services are subject to availability according to event type, local availability and group size

We are an added service that was designed to assist everyone with their special event occasion from small intimate groups to large corporate events.  Each event is handled with individual care and needs, from as general as color theme to as specific as detailed custom theme.

Through our Years of experience we have collected colleague resource businesses who share the same final outcome of client satisfaction to allow us the ability to create the ultimate event for you.  We have a strong relation with these companies and serve as the main contact so that you have a one stop shop concept.

We are available to offer from a various range of  specialties from a personal trainer, fitness specialist (yoga, pilates, belly dancing, boxing, self-defense, etc), nutritionist, lifestyle coach,  limo driver, valet service, etc.  We intend to help create any requested party...so if we do not have a resource within our own team or from our resource group...we will do the research for you and help you shop for the best company for you.


Our rates for our specialty team start at $125/hour and depend on the details of you personal party and needs.  Our concierge services are designed to help you budget and design you intentions of your very own event!!!

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