Four Common Mistakes Made By Home Sellers, and How to Avoid Them
  1. Not Preparing Your Home To Look Attractive To Buyers. Your home is competing with more than 1,000 other homes. Buyers buy on emotion, not logic. The best marketing program in the world can only bring lots of buyers into your home – it can't make them like the home. See our "How to Show Your Home" flyer.

  2. Signing A Long-Term Listing Without A Written, Specific Performance Guarantee And Easy-Exit Clause. Don't rely on verbal promises. Make sure that you receive a written promise stating that you can cancel without charge if the performance is other than what was promised.

  3. Not First Obtaining A Qualified Bank Appraisal And Commitment For Financing From A Home Lender. How would you feel if your home sold for $106,500 and then you find out from the bank appraiser that it was worth $116,000? In today's real estate market, this happens often! Your home will have to be appraised by a state licensed bank appraiser sooner or later. Sooner can result in several extra thousands of dollars in your pocket.

    Bonus: Buyers are afraid of paying too much for a house. That's why they often make low offers. A certified bank appraisal helps you sell for full price because the buyer can see that the price was established by a professional third party.

  4. Not Obtaining Written Pre-Approval For A New Home Loan For Your New Home. Nothing is more heartbreaking than to sell your home and find your new dream home, only to find that you can't obtain financing for the dream home.

    A written pre-approval is a formal written promise by a home lender to make you a new home loan. Do not confuse a pre-qualification with a formal written pre-approval. Pre-qualifications are just that and are typically unsupported by any documentation that confirms the buyer's capacity to successfully close on your home. Many home buyers have received pre-qualifications, only to later be denied a home loan and have their dream shattered.

    Allegro Lending Source would be happy to pre-approve your prospective home buyer. We would love the opportunity to pre-approve you for the purchase of your next home as well.


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